Death To The Empire Of The World

by Trivax

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Trivax is a circle of mayhem and misanthropy that crawled out of nowhere and will destroy everything that stands in front of it as the existence of a band like this serve very high purposes.

Trivax is an Extreme Metal band which was originally formed in Iran inside the walls of an underground territory to stay away from the laws and restrictions against Metal.
Currently active in Birmingham UK the home of metal, the band seeks nothing but retribution, liberation and chaos! It was originally formed as a one man black metal band by Shayan in Tehran, Iran in year 2009 and later in 2010 it achieved a full line-up and the band ended up with a lot of problems caused by authorities due to Metal being banned and the members at that time which included robbery, drug problems and getting stabbed.
in 2011 Shayan disbanded Trivax and moved to Birmingham UK the home of metal on his own to find a way to continue Trivax and pursue the mission and after 3 months of stay while studying music he found and formed the true Trivax that it is today.
Since then the band has been very active and they have improved every day with their craftsmanship.
“Trivax is a very active and hard working band although inside the band is always surrounded by very dark energies that are chosen to be manifested through us and the music itself has always come out of very dark places and very dark situation while we had been searching for a burning redemption to give back these melodies that have been given to us.”
The combination of the hard work and the surrounding energies and actions and the actual songwriting abilities of Shayan and their limitless will-power certainly make Trivax a very unique band amongst many others.
It is something that you have to experience to understand.

"Death To The Empire Of The World" is a stunning and evil track composed by Trivax front member Shayan S. that will open your fragile and weak mind! In a vortex of chaos, evilness and aggressivity, Trivax brings Death to this sick, dead and lost world.
If you are musically and spiritually affiliated with Watain, you should absolutely listen to this sick song.
Listen tot the track at the risk of your own discomfort.


released March 14, 2016

Published by Masked Dead Records on limited edition (50 copies) in mini cd format. "Death ToThe Empire Of The World" originally published in date 5th December 2015 only in digital format.

"Death To The Empire Of The World" mix and mastering by Dan Willet of Univibe Audio In Birmingham. Composed by Shayan S.
Track n° 3 performed by Trivax and J. Wilcox from Funeral Throne.

Shayan S - Vocalist, Guitarist, Main Composer
B. Sheldon - Guitarist
P. Taggart - Bassist
M. Croton - Drummer




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